* Formation process

Mai Dong Joint Stock Company (Formerly Mechanical Factory No. 1) was established in accordance with the Decision of Administration's Committee of Hanoi City dated June 20, 1960 on the basis of the merger of 06 mechanical workshops of capitalist after renovation.

In 1965 it was called Mai Dong Mechanical Enterprise.

In 1971, the Dong Da Mechanical Enterprise was merged and called Mai Dong Mechanical Factory. In 1980, Powder Metallurgy Research Board (under People’s committee of Hanoi City) was added. 1998 it was changed to Mai Dong Company; In August 2001 Giai Phong Mechanic Company, October 2002 Mai Lam Company and Institute of Mechanized and Metallurgical Engineering were merged according to Decision of People’s committee of Hanoi City.


* Development process

 The development of the Company is divided into stages

1. From 1960 to 1985: Production of rudimentary tools and small mechanics. Initially producing small forging machines for the construction of socialism in the North.

2. From 1985 to 2004: The relatively comprehensive development period, the factory is the multi-year unit, the "flagship of the Capital Industry", the factory's products serve the needs of whole country. Many machine tool products have regional quality, contributing positively to the development of Vietnam mechanical industry, is the leading company in Vietnam for manufacturing tools for forging, punching, molding and casting products.

3. From 2004 to 7/2016: Renamed as Mai Dong Company Limited. This is the stage where the company has many positive changes in business-production and comprehensive development. Restore many markets in the North - Central - South and orientation product development in accordance with the requirements of innovation in the country. Many new products such as ductile iron pipe, fiberglass pipe, hydraulic machine 250, crushing machines 200T, ductile iron pipe fittings, fire hydrants. These are typical products of Hanoi industry up to international standards and are exported. The company applies ISO 9001 management system,

4. From August 2016: The company was equitized with the official name of Mai Dong Joint Stock Company (Maidong JSC) and operated as a joint stock company. Over 60 years of establishment and development, the company has developed in depth with many investment projects to strengthen capacity, mechanical development, precision casting. Key products are identified for mechanical manufacturing, water supply and drainage, infrastructure products for power industry, telecommunications, bridges, roads, environmental sanitation and fire protection.